Genomic Primers - Input form for Primer3

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This is an input form for creating primers around exons in genomic DNA. For primer design, the Primer3 program is used. You can change the default settings below. The input file is a GenBank sequence.

Select the GenBank file that contains your gene How to obtain a GenBank file
Gene name Please use the name as it appears in the file, eg MAPT instead of mapt or tau
Flanking Size Specify the minimum length of sequence flanking each exon
Product Size Range Specify the minimum and maximum size of your product.

General Primer Picking Conditions

Primer Size Min: Opt: Max:
Primer Tm Min: Opt: Max: Max Tm Difference:
Primer GC% Min:   Max:
Max Self Complementarity: Max 3' Self Complementarity:
CG Clamp: Max Poly-X:

This software is based on the Primer3 program developed by the Whitehead institute. The Primer3 core program used by PCR Suite was developed by the Whitehead Institute and used "as is".
See thecopyright notice and disclaimer for PCR Suite and the Whitehead's Primer3